• 1.Is PEERCHEER a manufacturing company or a trading company?

    PEERCHEER is a manufacturing company with a 13 years experience in the drilling tools field. We also has import & export rights.

  • 2.What is main products of PEERCHEER?

    PEERCHEER mainly manufactures core barrels, overshots, drill rods, casing, core drill bits, reaming shells, casing shoes & rod shoes, core barrel spare parts, drilling accessories etc.

  • 3.Are the products of PEERCHEER compatible with the main worldwide industry standard?

    The products of PEERCHEER are compatible with the main worldwide industry standard. So customer could buy the spare kits easily.

  • 4.Can PEERCHEER provide customized products?

    Yes, we could produce the drilling tools according the sample provided.

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