NQ standard hoisting plug

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    BQ NQ HQ PQ Standard Hoisting Plug

    PEERCHEER offers s BQ NQ HQ PQ standard hoisting plug core for use with BQ NQ HQ PQ BT NT HT PT BTW NTW HTW drill rods and other casing. BQ NQ HQ PQ standard hoisting plug is the tool to place the rods in their drilling position and to help lifting the drill rods or casing. Hoisting plugs are available to in standard BQ NQ HQ PQ size rod and casing. BQ NQ HQ PQ Hoist Plug Features: -Long-life thrust roller bearing -12.5 mm (0.5 in) diameter down-angled vent is incorporated into the body to eliminate side spray from pressurized drilling fluid. -NW rod box spindle connection

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